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The Blackhawk helicopter, derogative term,
see "Crash-Hawk"
The evolution of the Crashhawk as the main conveyance for air-insertion operations is a perfect example of the current trend of backward progression plauging infantry small-unit operations.
#crash-hawk #crashawk #ranger-cooker #widowmaker #plummetting taxicab
by goodcop8 January 07, 2007
a bitter US Army Grunt slang term for the Blackhawk transport helicopter. Used because of the helicopter's predisposition to crashing for no particular reason. Most often uttered in disgust by those combat troops who routinely find themselves being inserted/transported into action while riding in one of these inferior helicopters.
Note: the Blackhawk(Crash-hawk) replaced the venerable and beloved Bell-Huey chopper, most likely because the latter was too safe & reliable and the Gov't wasn't making and/or generating enough contact money replacing/repairing them.
Move it! We've got to get Sanchez to the Crash-hawk ASAP, poor bastard's got himself a sucking-chest-wound!
#crashawk #chopper #widowmaker #dead-man's ride #ranger-cooker #bird-o'death
by goodcop8 December 09, 2006
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