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Crasher Kid is derived from the Sheffield club night Gatecrasher, famous for its pop orientated trance sound. Their outfits are very impractical for a night of drug fuelled hard clubbing.

Their style of PVC, fake fur, baby dummies glow sticks shows influences from cyber goths and old school ravers.

They are not as cute as the US equivalent Kandy Kids who are the 21st century inheritors of the Deee-Lite mantle.
'Look there goes a couple of crasher kids, with that outfit you know that she is going to have clubbers nipple (medical condition, nipple chaffed by PVC and sweat over hours of jumping up and down to dodgy trance) by the end of the night'

'Some crasher kid poked me in the eye with a glow stick, cretin'
by Ged Carroll July 24, 2004

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