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refers to the production or fabrication of sub-standard products by one who misguidedly feels their creations worthy of high praise; oblivious to their lack of skills wasting money, time, and perfectly good materials.
The cabinet Bobby built was yet another fine example of crapsmanship.
by David, FatrCat September 22, 2008
doing shitty work under the guise of an expert.
My cheap ass house was built by a crapsmanship crew and that is why I am now stuck with a lemon.
by DIRTY:DoinItRightToYa July 21, 2014
The cheap lazy opposite of craftsmanship seen in lower quality bootlegs that don't even try to trick you into thinking you're buying the real thing, especially dollar store/poundland toys cast from molds of molds.
Would you look at the crapsmanship on this thing? Shoddy paint job, all the wrong colors, jagged plastic that reeks of crayon, barebones packaging, no articulation, easily breakable parts, the accessories are the wrong size, & it's a lot smaller than the original.
by ThatEvilRedhead June 16, 2013

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