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When your own shit is telling you that you are out of control. Somebody whose shit is so out of control that unbeknownst to them they are walking around with severe shit stains on their pants …..not to be confused with skid marks….these stains are so severe crap is oozing out the back of your pants and can be seen by any unfortunate individual standing or walking behind you. This type of intervention is most common amongst substance abusers and others afflicted with mental diseases that distort ones perceptions of reality. When faced with a Crappervention, the individual frequently responds with steadfast denial and assert they simply need to apply a little deodorant. Realistically they have not bathed, showered, changed their clothes, or wiped their own ass for days! The only cure for this condition is getting one’s shit under control…e.g….sobriety and/or taking medication as prescribed by a licensed physician. Please help spread the word, children of god, if you see shit creeping out of the back of your pants, listen to and trust what your shit is telling you, it is time to stop and park your ass at the nearest rehab facility.
Wife: Ralph you need to pull your shit together.

Ralph: I don’t know what you are talking about there is nothing wrong with me. You are simply looking for faults…picking on me….you ungrateful bitch!!

Wife: Ralph I just went to throw your pants in the wash and there were shit stains bleeding through the butt….OMFG you wore those things to work on Monday I certainly hope your boss and colleagues didn’t notice. Dude I think you just had a Crappervention!

Ralph: No I didn’t …..That is simply a skid mark….you’re so exaggerating bitch!!
by For Real2 July 13, 2011
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