A term used to describe someone in a derogitory manner. Most often, it is used in describing a child who misbehaves frquently. It is also used to describe anyone who acts in a crappy or unpleasant manner. See cruster, jerk.
That little crapper Tommy stepped out in front of the car and pointed his toy gun at us as we drove by.

Those Iranians are acting like real crappers about thier nuclear plants.
by Ian Callahan January 17, 2006
n. A performance artist who attempts to blend the musical stylings of Country and Rap, resulting in a piece of CRAP.
Examples include Cowboy Troy and Jessica Simpson.
I bet that crapper's new album is full of it.

Boy, that new Jessica Simpson song on the Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack sure is crap.
by Candidate Raygun September 22, 2005
an amature hiphop rapper who so untalented. "His rap stank like crap!'
a very bad, inexperienced hiphop rapper with little or talent.
by boris lugosi September 30, 2004
Slang term for the toilet.
Kid: Hey mom, I'm gonna go use the crapper.
Mom: OK, don't take too long.
by doorkonb333369 August 07, 2012
Advanced martial arts technique in which the assailant strikes the victim in the abdomen with enough force to cause the victim to lose control of his or her bowels.
Some douche at the bar was hitting on John's girlfriend, so John gave him a crapper.
by Diabeticus January 04, 2011
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