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Derived from the word "Frappé", but do to the poor quality of the beverage is considered "crap".
Customer: "Man, I just wasted $2.99 on a Crappé, that's brutal."
by M@ng0 March 12, 2010
A coffee beverage styled after one that would cost $4.00 at Starbucks or a similar restaurant, but is made with concentrated instant coffee instead of espresso shots. Derived from the word 'crappy'. This beverage is usually consumed by cheap and/or busy college students.
Billy was getting drowsy trying to finish his o-chem, so he made himself a crappé between problem sets.
by squareforceone November 16, 2009
To do the splishy-splooshy within the timelimit of two minutes.
<pedro spontaine> brb, må crappe.
by Znarf April 16, 2004
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