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bascially the other name for capcom. Mostly used by people who are sick of thier Part 2 final super hyper turbo final edition 3rd impact ver. 5.32 garbage.
Gamer 1 : Yo did you hear about crapcom's new game?
Gamer 2 : You mean devil may shit2 ? or that gran turismo ripoff?
by some guy June 05, 2003
A proper nickname for Capcom.

A crappy videogame company responsible for the endless slew of mediocre Street Fighter "upgrades" and Mega Man sequels.
What the fuck??? Capcom is coming out with Street Fighter 3: Hexagonal Contact. And they've already released FIVE incarnations of Street Fighter 3, and the 30 incarnations of Street Fighter 2!!!!! Jesus Christ, do these stupid Crapcom Japs not know how to fucking count? And where the fuck is Sreet Fighter 4?
by Treasure fan June 18, 2003
A term used by fanboys to insult a quality game developer.
Fanboy: OMG, did you see the latest game from Crapcom?!

Me: You mean the one that's winning all sorts of accolades from the press and general public?
by spaceworlder July 26, 2006
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