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The verbally accurate name for rap music.
Person 1, "Yo, ya hear that fresh 'Lil Afrotard' track, its that crunk deal, yee--aah!!!!!!".

Person 2, "No, I don't listen to Crap Music".
by Thomas Burr January 14, 2008
Music that is not good.
For example
music by
britney spears
Anything that does not fall into this catergory is good music
(unlike the above comment believes!)

Hence forth you could say ;
Britney spears (and other chavish like music) makes crap music.

by lauren allen September 27, 2006
real bad music that should not be played anywhere.
Man that William Hung is truly the king of crap music!!
by BruinKiller3469 March 19, 2009
Music that is good and that you appreciate. However you would not be caught dead listening to it. Basically its good music that you dont want people to know you listen to.
Boy 1:That new Bow Wow and Omarion gets me hot.
Boy 2:That is such "crap music."
Boy 1: I know.
by Young Otion September 10, 2005
it's just crappy/bad music
some examples:
Lou Reed
A Flock Of Seagulls
Iggy Pop
Duran Duran
Def Leppard
Motley Crue
Guns n' Roses
Iron Maiden
anything at all that's goth (this applies to alot of different musical genres especially including most heavy metal)
anything emo (simple plan , my chemical romance)
rap (its just talking to the beat of shoes in a dryer)
new wave
hair metal or fairy metal (buttfag metal)..or simply emo metal
modern R&B
black metal (nazi metal/goth)...see goths/poseurs
death metal (gay/goth)...see goths/poseurs
goth metal
emo metal
new metal or "nu" metal (see grunge/wiggers)
progressive/goth metal
boy bands
pop tarts/pop whores
divas (sluts)
kid rock
tommy lee
there's just way to much crap music to list so I will just save some time by pointing you to the motherlode , mtv!
by metal is so goth February 24, 2006
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