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When one takes a crap on a rat and then throws it at a girl. Before throwing the rat, one often spins it while holding the tail and then throws it.
Guy 1: Ooooh shit, whats wrong with that girl?
Guy 2: Ewww man, she looks like she was crap rat'd all night.

Example 2:
Guy 1: That broad is a bitch
Guy 2: You know what she needs?
Guy 1: Whats that guy 2?
Guy 2: That bitch needs to get brought back down to earth with a few crap rats to the face.
Guy 1 and 2: Let's go get some rats
by Kid Bobby + Whooo Kid Willy April 13, 2009
someone who eats crap
i am a crap rat...i like it with sweetcorn
by moshababe August 01, 2006
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