Top Definition
Crann means tree in irish
Sometimes used as a name in online game for irish cunts who thinks tree's are cool
People who call themselves crann are usually one of the following:
Sexually frustrated
A Potato Farmer
Crann: hi i'm crann
Other Person: You are a cunt go cook some potatoes you dickhead
by Dank420pineaplez July 21, 2014
Crann - A human head entirely devoid of hair ie, a totally bald head.
He desperately combed his hair from left to right in a bid to disguise his ever expanding Crann.

In a few years, Andy will have a real Crann going on.

Look at the Crann on him, he's only 22!

Jeez, I'm getting a bit Cranny these days.
by Crann August 05, 2010
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