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Simialar to a dingleberry, a crang is a dingleberry that is found in the pubic hair around the vagina, usually in very hirsuite women. Like other definitions of crang this one too was inspire by the pink guy from the ninja turtles series.
"I went downtown and the bitch had crangs everywhere, i was like, Bitch!, wash your cooch!"
by Andrew V. and James C. March 11, 2008
Crang: is to slam into something usually unintentionally, typically in a more jarring and destabilizing way than to just bump into something. To crang into a door jamb would likely spin you off balance and cause you to drop anything you might be carrying and possibly fall down.
Wow did you see John Crang in to that doorway? He dropped his mom’s crystal goldfish bowl, what a mess. Yea, that sort of thing is bound to happen when you are moving into a new house.
by word jocky June 04, 2007
Crang, like brains or head refers to the act of receiving oral sex. For those who don't know, Crang is the pink brain form the ninja turtles. Just a funny spin on the whole fellatio thing
"Oh man. I got mad crang from that broad last night."
by NBeer March 01, 2006
retarded kid; thinks he is smart, but he is really the dumbest person on Earth; sucks at kickball

Also known as: C-rang, OcuCrang, Crangblast, C-dubb, C-note, queef juice, queef master jizzums, O'Crang-A-Tang
Crang, you retard, go to hell!
by J-Money February 04, 2005
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