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A cranberry (or cran-tastic) river.
"Dude, what's the best thing than water?"
"Drinking from the Cranbrook"
#cran #brook #river #cranberry #juice
by tim hortons mcfly March 02, 2009
K-12 school district. Known for being over priced. pARENTS PAY OVER 35,000 PER semester. The teens here are stuck up. The boys are all tools and most likely some kinda caption for a team. The girls are most likely to be found at the mall on the weekends or cruising the streets of bloomfield in their pink car from daddy. The foriegn kids are made fun of and disincluded. Most people that graduate from here end up at Harvard or Yale. half the kids are fucked up for life and end up broke and asking for money at age 60. That is if their daddy hasnt given them a inheritance.
Cranbrook boarding school.
#rich #school #boarding #teens #mustang
by Jago87 January 30, 2011
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