An under-cover police car, burgandy in color(detroit)
Hide the blunt, here comes the cranberry
by theo April 03, 2005
very red nipples on particularly-white breasts
she could say "no" until I sucked her cranberries, then it was "yes, Yes ! YES !!!!"
by Jake March 16, 2004
noun. an average white person, a "drone" or "sheep", arogant and supersticious about minorities hence a hermit (see also honkey) and make regious eundo, while describing how their race handles things; a babbler and extremely observant.
white people are red like a cranberry.some cranberries were staring at me earlier.
by daddyYANKEEtheredsockplayer April 10, 2008
People Who drink all day and dont work. They sit around eating chillies and drinking cheap beer. Also known as mexicans
Human: What You doing you filthy cranberry?
Mexican: Nothing maaaan, hey essay.
by Smiley :) July 27, 2008
a complete and utter idiot
"hey why you gotta be a cranberry"
by Anonymous March 11, 2003

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