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A bumpy nipple. Usually with a few sprigs of nipple pubes on it. Gross enough to turn you off completely. The bumps can be seen through light t shirts and most bras.
Guh, did you see her numples? I wanted to puke!

Dude, that chick had a set of numples that spelled "gross" in braille! I was really into it!

I don't believe a numple should shove through a padded bra AND a sweatshirt!
#nipple #braille #stevie wonder #numples #dinnerplate
by goballsdeep1983 April 01, 2010
When your hopes have been raised and dashed within moments.
I thought I saw some extra honey mustard in the fridge, but it was just a mustard packet. I have hopelash.

The chick finally came up to me today, but it was to just get my bro's number. I am still sore from the hopelash.
#hope #lash #dreams #life #raised #dahsed #bummed out #moments
by goballsdeep1983 July 26, 2012
On a short trip, usually for smokes or pop tarts to the local convenience store, you let out a very thick fart. This fart will not be smelled until you get back in the car after making your purchase. Hence, it has "lingered" in the car, waiting for you.

You can also do this to someone who is going to use your car after you have just driven it and left some brown smog.
Dude, I cranberried myself this morning. I puked all the way home from speedway. Last time I accidentally pull The Cranberry on myself.

Whoa man, did you have to let it linger? I asked to use your car, not get cranberried.
#fart #linger #smog #poop #numple #smoog #choof #hangle #markle
by goballsdeep1983 April 01, 2010
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