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The state of mind where you cram so much for an exam that you become completely delusional and your normal thought processes are overtaken by the crammage, leaving you to act, think and behave like a drunk and deluded zombie.
"Hey, you Derek. You've got a pad stuck to your jeans"

"Oh shit, are you serious? I was up cramming all night for our exam. How embarrassing. I've got cramtosis bad."


"Bro, WTF you're drooling!"

"Foreals? I cannot wait for this math exam to be over so I can get over my cramtosis."


An extreme example:

*Internal thought process:* "Green is such a inspirational colour. If I had a baby I wish it was green and then I would call it Wind. I wonder what baked wood tastes like? Shoes are so unnecessary. I'm only going to wear socks from now on. Men with moustaches really just have two sets of eyebrows. Glue is so useful, nutritious and super adhesive. Dragon's probably eat it too. They're probably also lactose intolerant. Wait... Shit. I'm in cramtosis. Must. keep. studying."
by EjeezyFosheezy June 01, 2011

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