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the act of perusing Craigslist with or without purpose
I was craiging last night and this guy was trying to sell, not give away, but actually sell his used underwear and socks.
by bambugg10 July 24, 2009
4 7
the act of absconding with fantasy league funds or refusing to pay winnings to participants. Taken from a Scottish word for adeep crack or fissure in a rock, where the fuds supposedly dissapeared.
I cannot believe Fish is craiging us on the roto-baseball this season, he always paid off before.
by craptasticor June 19, 2009
1 5
So called straight guys, (MSN) men who have sex with men; on the prowl looking for male to male action on the downlow.
I was at the ballpark taking a leak and that dude started craiging me.
by lightrider September 07, 2007
4 9