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Craig Benzine is a video content creator who is also known as Wheezy Waiter.

He has a widely popular YouTube channel and a blog called Wheezy Waiter. He has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007. Now tens of thousands of people are subscribed to him and watch his videos daily.

Craig has created vocabulary in his videos that has gone on to be widely used on the internet, such as doobly-doo and noodle boiler, defined on UD, and is also known for repeated themes and catch-phrases he uses in his videos (see Wheezy Waiter definition for more information).

Craig has a beard, which has become the trademark for Wheezy Waiter. Wheezy Waiter viewers are called beardlovers.

Craig is also part of the popular and acclaimed indie rock band Driftless Pony Club, based in Chicago.

In addition to creating his Wheezy Waiter videos, Craig has lots of other experience in film and television production. He graduated with a Communication Arts: Radio, Television, Film degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison. He works as a Video Specialist for a web development company. He has starred in other films and web series besides Wheezy Waiter, including the film Ozark Cousins, the web series Fucked in Space! and Platoon of Power Squadron, and many short films produced by Harmony Joyride Productions. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Craig edited the Ozark Cousins film and was part of the rock band that created the music for the silent urban western.
Craig Benzine has a beard.

Who is Craig Benzine? Wheezy Waiter.
by martha_s February 07, 2010
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