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Crappy coffee.
Chris Pirillo had a craffee this morning, he hated it.
by Thegrig200 April 21, 2013
9 0
Chris Pirillo's word for crappy coffee.
I made a cup of craffee.
by Pirillo Vlogs April 21, 2013
15 0
Crap coffee. As created by Chris Pirillo.
Pirillo Vlog 362 (What's Better Than Tetris) 00:16 "I started the day with a cup of craffee........ That would be my word for crappy coffee. I expect it to show up on Urban Dictionary within the hour."
by notlockergnome April 21, 2013
8 0
'Crappy Coffee' Coffee that is not amazing. rubbish coffee , coffee that is not good.
I am drinking Craffee
by Derrankyle April 21, 2013
5 0
Coffee that has crack added to it instead of sugar
Man stay clear of Ingrid when shes on her Craffee
by Hoflock June 12, 2008
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