The act of getting some booty, in straight or gay terms.
See that drunk kid over there? He's looking to get some cracktion tonight.
by Cookers Mom September 14, 2009
Top Definition
1.Girl bending over + lowrise pants = Cracktion

2. Ass crack peaking out of the pants.
"Dude, did you see when that girl bent down, that was some major cracktion!"
by B Diddy. June 10, 2005
Shady activity, usually accompanied by unsavory individuals associated with narcotics - most notably crack cocaine. Cracktion is the result of combining "crack" and "action", as in "He smokes crack" and "There's some crazy action in this neighborhood".

"Lets bail. There's too much cracktion going down around here."
by Brad Donnell March 03, 2008
A combination of the words "crazy" and "action", it means all out violent-chaos.
Cracktion is a trademark of the Bush Administration, 2004-08.
by horridmike June 14, 2005
The illegal and debaucherous activities of the crack heads and whores dwelling in a 'rehabilitation' home for addicts in a downtown residential neighbourhood at all hours, day and night. Activities can include, but are not limited to, prostituion & client servicing behind a tree or in stairwells, drug buys and use, intoxicated brawls & yelling of obsenities, pimp beats, public urination, and general traffic berating. From a condo's balcony cracktion can be observed with your friends over a beer!
Wow! I was trying to buzz up to have you let me into the building when I heard, 'excuse me sir, would you like a blow job?" from behind. I turned in shock & awe to find a sketchy whore standing behind me. That's cracktion!
by L&T September 18, 2006
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