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Slang term for "Double Teaming" some bitch.
Gordy: WOWZA! Look at the size of that canteloupe.

Bryson: Nigga What!?! Let's double team that bitch.

Gordy: Just hand me the canteloupe knife, slowly.

Bryson: Sounds like an order.

Gordy: I'll just get it myself, because I am sick of rogue chefs.

{Sarah enters, holding a waffle...but no syrup}

Bryson: Ah, hey Sarah...we umm were not...umm...cracking anything off.

Sarah: DO NOT lie to me.

{Sarah then hits Bryson as bluegrass music plays in the background followed by a starwipe to the next scene.}
by El Barto May 11, 2004

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