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1.A crackernigger is often a name given to a white man from a black man. The crackenigger may act as if he is black but is turned down when trying to make black friends.
2. Crackerniggers are refered to as "black on the inside" and white on the outside. Like an M&M or the white rapper eminem
White guy: What's up home skillets
Black guy: Who the fuck is you?
White guy: I'm B-Ri yo!
Black guy: Get the fuck outta here crackernigger bitch (pimp slaps white guy)
White guy: (runs) Why you hatin'? (cries)
by razorbluewaffleeater April 19, 2010
a white guy trying to be black and or hood usually with rich snobby white kids

but it doesnt count if it's a white guy with hood status
white guy : check out my right nigga
black guy: get your cracker ass nigga ass outta here
2 hours later white guy meets friends
whiteguy : guy's im a crackernigger

a day later black guy see's him

black guy : aint u that fake ass cracker nigga i saw yesterday
white guy : who's asking
black guy : muther fucker

white guy : runs
by tmack11 April 16, 2010
A cracker-nigger is a white person who tries to be as black of a gangster as possible. mostly asians.
Shut the fuck up you cracker-nigger
by 1randomfatdude April 16, 2010
a person who is so fucking dumb, everyone hates them but pretends to like them.
hey, look at that cracker nigger.
EW. just pretend and say hi.
by jhebhrtfgiathrblgaeh February 06, 2011
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