opposite of nigger, an insult to whites... except white people aren't dumb enough to walk around calling each other that word because it's intended to be demeaning
break yo self cracker!
what chu want cracka?!
by tweak August 14, 2004
a delicious snack, usually eaten with cheese or other dairy products (milk is highly unrecommended).
i'm hungry and do not know what to eat, bah, alas, not junk food, but wait, what's this? a cracker, this will provide me with minimum nutrition, excellent!
by fattybunta August 26, 2007
1.) Racial slur for a white person. While it should be considered just as bad as the n-word it isn't (just like like a man can be sexist but a woman can't). This term is often used to describe white trash.

2.) Opposite of a hacker. Crackers cause mayhem and destruction while hackers try to learn more about how things work, to push the limitations of computers and such, etc. The media doesn't know the difference.
1.) You cracker white trash.

2.)That dude is a cracker. He's taken down four websites this week and I think he gave my computer a keylogger.
by Synthic April 02, 2007
Pejorative term originally referring to only poor southern whites who "barely survived on eating crackers." Rich whites would call the poor whites "crackers."

Since, it has lost its original meaning the ruling whites intended for these serf-whites and now it is more commonly used by black people to offensively refer to any white person, regardless of social or economic standing.

Looks like those poor white people in the swamps and jungles of LA and MS won't EVER be able to "take the word back" so to speak.
Wealthy Southern Politician: We'll send in a wedge candidate to some of those dumb hick towns and split up the cracker- votes.

Southern Police Chief: We can let a small drug shipment get through and let the niggers and crackers kill each other for it.

Swamp Person: now we'll nevah be able tu "take back" du Cracka name.
by EasilySuede October 28, 2011
After the Civil War,some whites were so poor they had to crack their own corn because the could not afford mill.
That cracker thinks he's high and mighty. He forgot where he came from.
by Correcta July 27, 2009
A racial slur used by blacks to demean whites, it refers to the time in the USA when a slave master would "crack" a whip to get the slaves to work. It's often shortened to "cracka."

It is supposed to be the comeback against nigger or darkie, however the problem being that most white people just don't give a damn if they are called cracker, honkey, or any other racial slur attributed to their race.
Use of cracker:
Black guy: Hey cracka, motherfuckin' cracka!

White guy: Meh.
Name of a popular LAN party in the Middle Georgia region.
I'm gonna go to the C.R.A.C.K.E.R. Fest LAN party this weekend. Are you coming?

See www.crackerfest.com for other examples.
by Yeormom March 07, 2004
Good fun. Something funny as used in Northern Ireland and made famous by comedian Frank Carson.
thon's a cracker
by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010

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