Cracker Cash is a small wod of moist, over wrinkled bills that have been in the soiled palms of a crack head waiting for there dealer to show up in the usual " right away up to 1,500 minit time frame. Anticipation mixed with anxiety in the hands...or "palms" rather, of a hopefilled crack smoker is sure to cause sweaty and wrinkled bills known as "Cracker Cash"

cracker cash can be found in the pockets of cab drivers, drug dealers & johns, as well as in the tills of and 7/11 convenience stores during the hours of 1am-7am
clerk: and $15.50 is your change
cutomer: whoaaaaeeek! can i get some dry bills of you please? whats with the cracker cash???

friend 1: hey bro you got that 5 bucks you owe me?
friend 2: i should have 5 on me in one of these!
friend 1: uhhhh dude, whats with the cracker cash?? you been hanging on to that five for few weeks???? if you need it keep it! that bill has more wrinkles that grandpa's nut sac.. Abe Licoln's beard rubbed off for cryin out loud.
by kyle prosko June 18, 2008

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