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These dogs are usually Yorkshire Terriers or any other small dogs that could be owned by a gay couple. In this case the small crack dogs will bark and yelp at anything. They make high pitched noises that are beyond 33 decibels. Their noises cannot be blocked. Yorkshire terriers are perfect crack dogs because they will bark whenever rival drug dealers are on your turf. However, other than making noises, these dogs are useless. People who own crack dogs do not have many friends because people in the neighborhood can never get a second of sleep without hearing constant barking.
Fawn Do always has his crack dogs, including the leader Willie, barking at night to protect his house from police invasion.
by the sleepless one September 01, 2009
Dog under the influence of drugs...Most likly CRACK Maybe Uses as a nickname in times of neglect.
Hey Lucky you goddamn crack dog get over here!!
by Jason Rimmer July 15, 2006
LORD CRACKDOG LOWENBOROW THE FIRST has officialy explained that he is the greatest crack feind of our era , HEVEN REPRESENT
hey lord crackdog hows it going you sexy bitch
by daniel February 27, 2005
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