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A stain of semen, blood, food, ect. on the clothes or belonging of a skank, slut, whore, hooker, ect.

Usually a whore stain can happen at anytime, during sex, eating (sometimes can be sexual, like if she/he is fat), rape, bjs (whore stain on the mouth), anywhere a cock has touched the outside/inside of her/his body, ect.

Or a whore stain can happen during examination of a dead hooker body, when the investigators use that light thingy over their body that shows semen, blood, stains...

Or during sex with various people, or person if you do one after the other.
Smarly's whore stain is showing again, she's doing another guy in the room next to ours...
by slipperydick November 22, 2011
A dog crack can either be a dog's butthole, or a human's deformed butthole.

A dog crack usually happens at birth and causes poop to be lumpy, small in size, and sometimes causes worms since the person has a dog crack.

The person cannot perform anal sex because her/his butthole is too small for the job. They can only do it in the front.

The person's dog crack can attract other dogs. If a dog sniffs or tries to hump the person's butthole, or anything else a dog does to another's butthole, then that is perfectly normal.
There are so many dogs chasing after Smarly because she has a dog crack, and they all want it.
by slipperydick December 13, 2011

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