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when you walk around streets on drugs weed preferably but also crack
me and chris went crack city rockin all over new york and it was awesome
by chris stiller June 09, 2009
When you rome the streets under the influence of drugs such as Crack, Nose candy aka "Coke" but mostly Marijuana and LSD to give that psychedelic feeling, this happens mostly at night in big cities like SF or NYC or in any city were you tend to see alot of squatters or stuck up kids. A knife or a weapon is recommended and music also helps the "Trip"
Punk #1:Hey did you hear about Johnny? He went Crack city rockin' alone and got licked.

Punk #2:What happend to his knucks?

Punk #1:He was so fried on that acid that he lost them.!
by Suicidal Alcazar July 23, 2009
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