Crack-whores are known to have severe attitudes problems & a case of major illogical narcissism. By the time a Crack-whore has fully developed in the evolution of Super-egotism, they've completely brainwash themselves into thinking they are Envied by all woman and Lusted by all Men.

And they look crazy.
Very Crazy.
Which, most likely they are.
Crack whore: I don't understand why YOU PEOPLE can't Comprehend the fact that I'm Beautiful both inside and out.

Person #1: We really aren't her REAL friends. She just makes us feel better about ourselves whenever she's around. We thank our parents everyday for blessing us with the privilege to not be anything like a crack whore every time she crosses us.

Person #2: Don't try to have an intelligent conversation with a crack-whore about anything other than herself because talking with her ONLY leads to instant headaches and regrets.

Person #3: She is so persistent to make each day at work a living nightmare and is very pleased with her hard efforts to shine in a negative light because that's the only way crack whores know how to get the attention they so desperately crave.
by CodiCrackWhoreQueen March 28, 2010
Top Definition
1) A woman who exchanges sexual favours for crack-cocaine
2) A woman who exchanges sexual favours for money that she gives to her pimp, who in return gives her crack-cocaine
I don't have enough crack for that crack whore.
by acephalous April 01, 2004
A prostitute who is only a prostitute for the sole purpose of attaining crack to feed her addiction.
Your Mom.
by HerzerMann June 11, 2004
n. A female who provides sexual services in exchange for rocks of crack cocaine, upon which she is physiologically dependent.
Daequon's bitch a crack ho--you gotta git out the rock before you can git out the cock, dogg. Dat's just how it works.
by Carl Willis February 10, 2004
A woman who's crack addiction is so bad that it is the only factor running her life and making decisions for her. She cannot hold a job -- not even as a stripper -- and is forced to do the ONLY thing she can do for money... sucking and fucking. And she is sickened when she thinks about where she has ended up and does it all over again to get her fix so she can forget for a few hours... and then again... and again... life is absolutely miserable between fixes and the only time she thinks clearly, rationally and for HERSELF is shortly after she starts smoking up.
I'd love to kill all the worthless pieces of shit who have ever been involved in the process of turning a girl into a crackwhore.
I fell in love with a crackwhore (before I really knew she was one).
Don't ever try to help a crackwhore... she can only help herself.
by Not Available December 03, 2003
A whore who provides services for crack-cocaine.
"I got a fat bag of crack, so i'm gonna find myself a crack whore."
by Pr0ph3t March 28, 2003
Eric Cartmans mother.
"Hey Cartman your mom's on the cover of crackwhore magaziene."
by kyle March 19, 2004
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