A female who prostitutes for cocaine and other methanfetamines
Chrissy is a crackwhore.
by ??????????? March 28, 2005
In Mario Kart, a character that hits you or cuts you off, especially Peach.
That fucking crack whore just fucking cut me off again!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!
by metibo March 23, 2005
A desperate crack addicted bitch who sucks dick for rocks
hey lil' crack whore you want some rocks? all you gotta do is suck my cock!
by chelsea, amy, kelsey January 01, 2007
The name given to a female member of society that in return for sexual favors will recieve crack cocaine. This bitch may seem timid at first, but is quite the slut once you've mentioned the crack cocaine.
Guy 1- My mom is such a bitch, she didn't even pack me the right lunchables. GOD DAMMIT I FUCKING HATE HER!!! That crackwhore bitch.
Guy 2- heller m8 , wuts a creck wore?

Guy 1- my mom
by LindaTheCrackWhore April 18, 2015
Rock cocaine using prostitute.
Stevie Nicks is a crack whore.
by Nathan Nightingale September 27, 2006
my roommate
my roommate is a filthy crackwhore who likes to crack whore it up while crack whoring for some crack
by []D [] []\/[] []D October 24, 2003
One of the first brute-force cracking programs
Fuck, I got like fifty porn passwords with CrackWhore last night!
by Hank April 04, 2003

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