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1. A Person who thinks they can outdo anyone in drugs while either not dieing or passing out i.e. Could smoke the most marijuna, Could snort the most cocaine. 2. Someone to compete in drug use with. 3. Jeff G.
Bro 1: "Man lemme stop and hit the bong, pop a pill, smoke a blunt, pop a bean, take 14 shots, titty fuck your mom, shoot birds at the airport AAAAAANNNNND.....be home before dinner. CRACK PIPE PETE AINT GOT NOTHING ON ME BITCH!!!"
Bro 2: ".........Dude...your gay..."
Bro 1: "Why...?"
Bro 2: "Because I just did all that a second ago, theres nothing left to base head off of, check for yourself..."
Bro 1: "Piss....."
by MonsterDipper88 September 03, 2008

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