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Bux·om buhk-suhm adjective (of a woman) full-bosomed.

Cox·om cok-suhm adjective (of a man) full-cocked.
"Of course, there were plenty of gorgeous and curvaceous girls on the Vanilla Love dating site, but it had been a combination of words and an attractive profile photo, which had ultimately stoked Frankie’s interest; that heavy and plump adjective had wobbled into his mind and now refused to abate, as Frankie in age old fashion, slipped down his briefs; his rampaging bull already fulsome and hard, throbbing at the sight of the everyday buxom beauty... yes, Frankie stared down at his meaty monster of an erection feeling ever so... ever so coxom?"

Excerpt taken from 'That Coxom & Blondage Affair', by author Tom Conrad.

Alternative use:

"Oh my, Mrs Dickinson, your new gardener has rather a large bulge in his gentleman's area."

"Yes indeed, Mrs Tavistock; Bert is rather coxom to say the least!"
by Tom Conrad September 09, 2013
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