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A person who feels the incessant urge to run up to big dumb cows and push them over.
"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" "Hahaha The Cowtipper strikes again!"
by bitchin technology April 16, 2003
a big-ass 8 patty sandwich in the movie "Clerks II" sold at Mooby's.
"I'm starvin, lets go to Mooby's and get some Cowtippers."
by jet1891 March 02, 2008
The male equivalent of the term homewrecker.

A male who pursues married women.

A female is referred to as a homewrecker when she participates in the destruction of another relationship, figuratively speaking she destroys the house. A male therefore engaging in similar behavior could be said to have tipped another man's cow over.

Also useful as a verb, to cow-tip.
"But your married! What do I look like? Some kind of cow-tipper?"

"Her poolboy moonlights as a cowtipper."

As another form of expressions "I had to dump her, the milk goes sour after the cow has been tipped."
by Drkpaladin January 30, 2011
A cow tipper is a person who engages in the act of cow tipping (also known as cowtipping). That is, a cow tipper will go up to a sleeping cow, push on it very hard, and make it fall to the ground.
1) I want to be a cow tipper.
2) I tipped a cow, therefore I am a cow tipper.
by ChigglyWiggly September 06, 2008
This is an increasingly popular term for an extremely gay homosexual.
Man, that RuPaul is one hell of a cowtipper!
by Bob October 29, 2004
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