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A digusting cow who squats on the couch all the time.

A fat fucking lazy sow, who sits on the couch all day and sucks off of government assistance programs, rather then get a job.

A useless cunt who purposely gets knocked up to with illegitimate bastards every two years, in order to continue to live off of welfare checks and food stamps.

A 2 1/2 ton bitch who yells and screams at her fucktard kids rather then get her fat ass up and wobble across the room to discipline them.
"Tell that cowsquatch to get out of bed, it's already noon."

"Make that cowsquatch get off her fat ass and get a job and support her own little bastards."

"No wonder those kids are fucktards, look at that cowsquatch they have for a mother."
by thedocisinthehouse March 17, 2010
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