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When, in a group discourse with a boss, the boss switches subjects and speaks to a single member of the group about which you (and/or the others) have no understanding. Consequently, unwilling to awkwardly leave, one must bear being caught in the crossfire of the two conversing thereby becoming conversational deadweight.
Eric: "So coworker 1 and I have wrapped up the webpage summary"
Boss: Good
Boss (To coworker 1):Did you get that report on the budget for next quarter?
Coworker 1: Yeh but I had a problem with ...
(Eric, having no purpose in the conversation, stands silent in front of the bosses desk)

Later on: "Dude, I just had to bear 10 minutes of Coworker Crossfire in the bosses office"
by AuzzyAus July 22, 2009
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