1-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
2-"a cow"

1- person one asks a second person if they'd rather fuck a cow or _________(something 100 times more repulsive).
2- answers "cow"
3- responds with "cowfucker." this is the only reason this game is played- to call someone "cowfucker."

stems from the obscure movie "kicking and screaming."
a-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
b-"a cow"

a-"would you rather fuck a cow or a shotgun barrel filled with herpes and could shoot at any moment.?"
b-"i abstain."
a-"damn straight"
by jacob June 22, 2004
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Primarily known as Michael Tully on Sirius 28 XM 52 Faction. He can be heard on Faction from 12-3PM Eastern and from 3-7PM on the Jason Ellis Show. Although he has never confirmed he has made love to a steer, his physical attributes suggests he may dabble in the art of fucking a cow. Jason Ellis gave him this nickname in 1977. His other accomplishments include going to Oxford and having an Asian girlfriend with fake tits.
"Hold on, Tully will know... COW FUCKER!!!" says Jason Ellis.
by Steve Mazzagatti February 10, 2009
1) Anyone who engages in sexual activity with a cow on one or multipe occasions.

2) People who show lack of intelligence in both actions and speech, or who, seemingly, do things for the sole purpose of annoying you.

3) Bien (BME High)

A very derogatory term. Not to be used lightly.
"Shit, man. You're such a cow fucker."
by 31337 April 08, 2005
One who engages in fucking cows; a person (usually a male) screwing a cow.

'Cow fucker', used as an insult from one person to another. (Sometimes from one person to an animal, or maybe even from a person to a non-living thing/object)
"Man, he's so a cow fucker, I saw him on Saturday up at the barn!"

"Leave me alone, you cow fucker!"
by ConorLove247 October 23, 2008
another name for cowboy or a white person from rural areas
you're in a city not a farm, stupid cow fucker!
by criccet September 08, 2005
Someone who enjoys the company and sexual enjoyment of pleasuring cows
Nate is a cow fucker!
by Toadthebest May 25, 2009
one who engages in the carnal fornication of a bovine
Frank is a son of a bitchin' cow fucker.
by the ultimate cow fucker September 04, 2003

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