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another name for cowboy or a white person from rural areas
you're in a city not a farm, stupid cow fucker!
by criccet September 08, 2005
a term used for a blond person with short hair cause it looks like their head has tons of dandruff
oh yeah i knocked the lice off that scurf head fo sho'
by criccet September 08, 2005
a white person with freckles
lets throw that bad banana in the garbage dump
by criccet September 08, 2005
1) bullies with attitude that think they're tough cause they have guns and walkie talkie
2) bald, fat, ugly pigs that get their sallary from people that earn their money and yet take hapiness, respect, and freedom from people regardless of the law
3) racist biggots that dont deserve everything they get
gangstaz: that cops on patrol, lets ambush him, ill shoot out his tires, you open fire through his windshild
by criccet October 06, 2005
to shoot someone in the forehead so the brain expodes out of the upper part of the skull
"keep thinkin im candy- til your fuckin skull get popped and your brains hop out the top like jack in the box" -50 cent, heat
by criccet October 07, 2005
name for white people with blond hair or 'aryans'
this yolk head failed every subject in school
by criccet September 08, 2005
an elderly white person or a blond person
hey linthead, you got ink all over your hair
by criccet September 08, 2005

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