murderer of rock icon Kurt Cobain
aging Drag Queen
wanna be a celebrity like Courtney Love: stalk a rock star, sleep with him, get him addcited to drugs, trap him, have him teach you two chords and have him killed
then get loads of plastic surgery with his money
by Rita Latham December 25, 2007
I am not a fan of Nirvana, I personally think they are overrated. I am posting this def because I think Kurt Cobain was murdered. By Courtney Love if not anyone else. If you have researched all of the information given at the websites: and it'd become shockingly apparent that Cobain was murdered.

Now, there are alot of suspicious things that have happened around Cobain's death. Here are a couple:

Kurt was in fear of his life, so he bought a gun for safety.

Kurt locked himself inside a room, Love called the police and said he was suicidal and armed with a gun. But Cobain said he was only hiding from Love.

Kurt was ready to file divorce.

Many of Kurt's friends noticed that he had scars around the time of his death.

One of Kurt's friends (or someone Kurt knew) said a couple months before Kurt's death Love beat him and Kurt out of anger. (I do not think someone close to Kurt would make this up.)

Someone was using Kurt's credit card before he was found dead.

If Kurt divorced Courtney, she might've not had the fame and attention she had when she was married to him.

"I love attention, I love the trappings of it all. To say you hate the trappings, you're an asshole and a liar." - Courtney Love

If he died, she would have more fame and attention than she would if Kurt divorced her.

Do not say that Kurt Cobain killed himself and call people who think otherwise idiots, unless you've gone through all the information.
Another thing that's highly suspicious is that Courtney Love's own father thinks Cobain was murdered.
by Terry M. July 29, 2006
courtney love killed kurt cobain and will b gettin her ass kicked when we meet in hell!!!!!
Courtney i fuckin hate you. not because i know you personally but for what you did not only to your husband and daughter but to his fans. you fucking killed him and you know damn right that you did! how can you live with yourself every day knowing that you left your baby daughter without a father and everyday you lie to her about how he died. if i was you i woudl kill MYSELF b/c i wouldnt be able to stand being a worthless lieing piece of shit liek you are. the only reason half your music did as well as it did is because kurt helped you write it and he was more talented then you were or will ever be. you killed him for the money, or maybe just because your an insane crack whore. either way, i fuckin hate you, and millions of people are still influenced today by his music, yet all of us are have been orphaned from the god of rock music because you had to be a fuckin bitch. burn in hell courtney.
RIP Kurt Cobain.. We love you and may you and your music never be forgotten out..your mom's insane
by Brooke April 17, 2005
A women that makes HORRIBLE music. Has no talent what so ever. She KILLED her rock star husband (Kurt Cobain). A junkie, ex stripper, whore, and horrible actress. Basically: Annoying
Movie: The People vs. Larry Flint, in this movie Courtney had to act as a junkie. No acting required.
by nirvanafanforever January 30, 2005
A worthless attention whore
If I was married to Courtney Love, I'd kill myself too
by m16 June 11, 2007
Courtney Love is a MURDERER!!!!! She did kill Kurt Cobain ...and reashearch before you say anything ..cuz if u don't u have not right in saying she didn't....and if Kurt Cobain really killed himself (wich he didn't) she would take care of Frances (her daughter)...she is soo ugly it looks like a dragon shit on her and sat on her and smired it around..and said wow you look like shit..and Courtney Love was like...wut evea i do i want....and so now she looks like anus ...Her music sucks ass as well ..she soundes like a pig being slaughtered...
Dude1- That is the uglyest thing i've ever scene!!!

Dude2- Oh My Gosh wut is that?

Dude3- Oh MY Gosh thats Courtney Love..

Dude1&2-Oh no wonder.....

My Kurt Cobain rest in peace!!!!!!
We miss u and ur amazing music !!! :'(
by (*)Super "L" & SUPER "S" (*) January 29, 2005

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