1)Person that causes controversy.
2)Someone who kills their rock star legend husband
3)Ex Stripper who is, in fact, a whore.
Well thats my opinion...im sure some (retarded!) person out there likes her.
Recommend For Deletion:
Lyk omg courtneyy didnt kill kirt cas kurrt was sucideal!eleven111! coutney is inocent!!one!!11!1

by Ka January 25, 2005
The bitch who hired a hitman to kill Kurt Cobain. That freakin' bitch.
Mr. X: Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain?
Mr. Q: Seems so.
Mr. X: Bitch.
by Mr. X December 05, 2004
Okay...I'm really sorry to who this may offend. But, c'mon now, people. The chick is fucking INSANE. The only respect she's got has been out of fucking rockstars, and do we applaude prostitutes on the street? No. Then why do we applaude a prostitute to the stars? I have the same viewpoint on many women, mind you.

Secondly, she's psychotic. She claims she's not, but she seriously needs her head examined. She needs serious mental help, and I'm not just saying that. The woman is WAY too far out there.

Thirdly, yes, I am going to tackle the Kurt Cobain murder theory. I believe it. I believe the woman was murdered. I never used to. I always used to believe he offed himself. But, then, I heard the theory. Thought about it. Thought that I should do all of my research if I could EVER rightfully call myself a Nirvana fan, and get all the facts myself. So, I picked up Love and Death. And was blown away by hundreds of pages of hard evidence. Since that day, I was convinced that she at the very least had a role in his death. A large one. People say she doesn't have the brains to pull this off. You should never underestimate someone. Especially someone who can manipulate multiple rockstars into having sex with her, when face it. She is not a very pretty woman. The drugs have had an impact on her mentally AND physically.

I'm not trying to tell you to change your opinion in any way. My opinion is that the woman is capitalizing on murder, which is a haneous crime. I will not be seeing the Kurt Cobain documentary she is producing with Ewan McGregor, and he is one of my favorite actors. I'm boycotting the movie, and I'm boycotting anything that put money in the woman's pocket. Leave me out of it. I personally believe what she is doing is sick. I don't ask you to change your opinion.

I highly recommend leafing through Love and Death, the story about the conspiracy theory, and the proof behind it. I never would have questioned his suicide if I hadn't read it before. All I ask is that you research both sides before you make your choice. It does make a big difference.

I didn't make this post to offend anyone. I just made it to shed some light to maybe both sides. That there is a non violent way to reopen this case.

But in my personal opinion, for being the indirect cause of many teenage suicides around the globe, and murdering one of the most famous poets of the 20th century, karma will have it's revenge. I look forward to that day greatly.

Read Love and Death if this post made any impact on you. That book will make you wonder what they don't want you to wonder.
"Kurt offed himself because he's an overzealous fag. Courtney Love had no part."

"Read Love and Death."

"*reads* I never thought of it that way."

"No one ever does if it's just another misunderstood 'depressed asshole' who dies. Research your shit like I did next time."
by DeathMetalDarling August 17, 2008
murderer of rock icon Kurt Cobain
aging Drag Queen
wanna be a celebrity like Courtney Love: stalk a rock star, sleep with him, get him addcited to drugs, trap him, have him teach you two chords and have him killed
then get loads of plastic surgery with his money
by Rita Latham December 25, 2007
Courtney i fuckin hate you. not because i know you personally but for what you did not only to your husband and daughter but to his fans. you fucking killed him and you know damn right that you did! how can you live with yourself every day knowing that you left your baby daughter without a father and everyday you lie to her about how he died. if i was you i woudl kill MYSELF b/c i wouldnt be able to stand being a worthless lieing piece of shit liek you are. the only reason half your music did as well as it did is because kurt helped you write it and he was more talented then you were or will ever be. you killed him for the money, or maybe just because your an insane crack whore. either way, i fuckin hate you, and millions of people are still influenced today by his music, yet all of us are have been orphaned from the god of rock music because you had to be a fuckin bitch. burn in hell courtney.
RIP Kurt Cobain.. We love you and may you and your music never be forgotten

Frances..watch out..your mom's insane
by Brooke April 17, 2005
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