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The act of "liking" something on facebook for the sole reason of not wanting to look like a douche bag.
Hey Jim, why'd you "like" that wall post? It kinda ragged on you.
Ya, well, Bob went through the effort of posting it on my wall. It was only a courtesy like.
by shnagroot April 19, 2011
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When someone "likes" your status and so you feel compeled to "like" a status of theirs in order to pay them back
Dude, he liked my status and i never thought we were friends...and now i feel like i owe him a courtesy like.
by Chandler Hayden August 05, 2010
Clicking the "like" button on Facebook in situations where it is not really warranted, but it would be rude not to do so.
-Hey, dude. I saw that your grandma posted that corny joke on your Facebook.

-Yeah, I had to give that a courtesy like.
by disgusto October 19, 2011
When you "like" a status/post/photo on Facebook for the sole reason that nobody else has "liked" it yet and you feel sorry for the person behind it.
Thanks for the courtesy like on my "Antique Woodworking Equipment" photo album.
by Courtesylikesyourmom June 05, 2010
The likes you get on your facebook status, pics etc from a remote guy from your account just because you liked their pics, status etc..
It sucks when all the likes on your facebook profile pictures are courtesy likes..
by bang12 May 16, 2011

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