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3 definitions by disgusto

Clicking the "like" button on Facebook in situations where it is not really warranted, but it would be rude not to do so.
-Hey, dude. I saw that your grandma posted that corny joke on your Facebook.

-Yeah, I had to give that a courtesy like.
by disgusto October 19, 2011
a variation of the walk of shame where a guy has to walk by other guys in the men's room who are washing their hands and/or using the urinals in order to get to a stall to take a dump
-Ughh.. I had to take a dump right after the office fire drill when there were 20 guys in the restroom. Total bathroom walk of shame.
by disgusto October 20, 2011
an abortion
I got a vaginal colonic last week, and I lost almost 7 pounds!!
by disgusto September 03, 2011