A charitable second date one offers just because they slept with the other person on the first date; used to block feelings of 'being used,' not to be followed up by future dates.
Person A: I don't really like her, but I definitely slept with her the first time we went out. Do you think she'll feel used if I don't ask her out again?

Person B: Don't worry about it! Just take her on a quick courtesy date. All it takes it one chai and you've got a free pass out.

Person A: Awesome.
by vaginafingers March 29, 2010
when a girl agrees to go on a date with a guy because she doesn't have the heart to tell him no.
>Person A likes person B
>Person A asks person B out on a date
>Person B accepts invitation and gives person A a courtesy date, but has no intention of starting a relationship with person A
by phil549 July 14, 2011

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