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adj; a person with characteristics such as loving, kind, trust-worthiness, Hottie, fun, real, and honest.
Syn; 'one hell of a best friend' :)
" Wowah look at that sweet thang, shes a Court"
by Kait March 25, 2005
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1. The act of dating a person with the intent to marry.

2. A game where a black robe and some people in suits and ties dance around and pretend to establish justice on behalf of a terrorized victim of society.
1. I courted her for a while but realized that she wasn't The One.

2. The innocent man went to court and was thrown in prison for five years.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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To flirt with girls in a gentleman-like manner such as holding doors open and listening to what they wanna talk about and occasionally kissing their cheeks. Talking in French, Spanish or a British accent just to make them blush is also very acceptable. It takes a lot of work to become a beast court-er. The intention behind courting is not driven by lust but rather to win the heart of a lady by showing off intelligence in foreign culture, gentlemen manners, and even musical talent.
John: "I've been trying to get with this smoking girl but nothing I'm doing is working!"

Axel: "Maybe you should court her instead of just hitting on her like every other douche bag out there."
by Axel Sexypantalones August 28, 2011
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Black people in philly use the word court instead of caught. It's really funny because you can't understand what the fuck they mean.
Black Guy 1: Yo nigga I jus copped an O of some fire ya know what im sayin.

Black Guy 2: Yea i feel u nigga just don't get court wit dat shit, u feel me.

Cracka: did he say he's going to court tommorow?

Black Guy 2: Nah cracka i told him don't get court with dat shit.

Crack: Court?????

by Black Guy 2 February 15, 2009
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A type of firming cream to apply to a male penis to keep it erect for hours
I couldn't get it up last night so I rubbed a bit of courts on it
by Carlos October 21, 2001
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a place where moshers hang out in Northwich, the Magistrates courts.
'you cuming courts?'
by Sarah Kenyon January 16, 2005
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A HOT man with a huge shlong. Incredible sense of humor, tall good looking, creative and smart. Has the best taste in mates. And makes adorable children. Has sperm that could beat Michael Phelps at the olympics. And a total tits man.
I went out with the coolest guy, he was totally a Court
by NiggaLipsNV February 03, 2010
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