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The 'Court Cells' are a holding area for people who have been arrested and are waiting to see a judge before either being remanded or released from custody or for people already incarcerated or remanded who must see a judge for trial. You are transported there by a 'patty wagon' after spending the night at the police station or from a correctional facility/penitentiary.

It is an all concrete room with small concrete ledges to sit on where you are lumped in with a bunch of other guys who are also waiting to see a judge.

If you happen to be unlucky you may get beaten by hard headed gangsters who are feeling extra macho that day. It often takes forever to be released/processed and is the extremely boring part between either going to jail or being released. It is often a place for intense battles because it is a small concrete room and you can get put in there with anyone including rival gang members and if a fight breaks off it tends to get bloody as there is no where to go.

It is sometimes fun if you get a bunch of guys who like to joke around and do funny shit or if somebody sneaked in some chronic.
I finally got at this fucking punk who has been talking shit on the streets. I seen him in the court cells and beat his ass until the guards came in and maced me
by 306'sFinest February 20, 2011