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The word coupon originated from the actions of a one person; Sean Daschko. So intense were the actions of Mr. Daschko's 'Coupon' methods that a definition was created to fit this unusual behavior. To be a 'Coupon', or to use 'Coupon Methods' is to effectively take advantage of your surroundings in order to enhance ones own private needs.
Sean Dashcko went to Subway and used Coupon Methods in order to obtain an irregular amount of Subway Stamps to recieve a free foot-long Subway sandwich.

Billy then replied, "Sean, stop being such a Coupon."

"Yeah man, whats with your Coupon Methods these days?" Brian asked.
by Matthew McLeod July 14, 2004
The only reason college students read the newspaper.
Sweet... buy one get one free packs of Ramen at Kroger. Thank God for coupons.
by gabulldogs123 August 04, 2008
A physical or (more usually) conceptual or virtual token for the later provision of oral sex, given by a somewhat cheap person, to someone (usually a lover or spouse) who has just provided goods or services that cannot be immediately (physically or financially) reciprocated.

By constant use the term 'coupon' itself comes to mean the thing for which it is a token, namely, oral sex.

Believed to be derived jointly from the prevalence of coupons in late post-industrial/capitalist society (largely exchangeable for low-quality goos - see coupoff) and from the Scots/Irish/Gaelic 'coupon' meaning face - coupon/face then suggesting head or oral.
Tom promised Edna a coupon after she had bought him a bag of ready salted crisps in Lidl.

D'you fancy a coupon when we get home?
by pw_ninja November 25, 2011
A form of advertisement that offers low prices for specific items at specific stores, usually slips of paper found when buying items, reading "FREE!" and "ONE DOLLAR OFF!"
It's not uncommon to find certain catches, i.e. "FREE! With the purchase of 20 identical items."
Usually affiliated with being dirt poor.
I don't have enough money to buy fries with the burger, but I do have this coupon.
by blarghadfhasdf July 15, 2011
An alcoholic beverage and or container of hard liquor purchased sometimes days, but usually only hours before going to a bar, or going bar or club hopping. This alcohol is drank before going out, and sometimes drank while out, out of a flask, in the act of saving money on the bar tab but still keeping your buzz up.

Some people even associate this coupon with the act of pregaming. Pretty much anything dranken while pregaming to any event could be considered a coupon.
Person 1: O man sheiit I forgot my debit card tonight how am I supposed to get booty at the bar with only twenty five bucks to spend??

Person 2: It's cool dawg I brought my coupon, ill take it and leave it in the trunk, drink from that before we go in and all night while we thurr and youll be able to spend all twenty five dollars on some hoes!
by 2ufromSPM August 05, 2010
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