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A body type - bulky yet strong. It develops in a person who looks strong from farm labor and down home cooking rather than weight lifting and protein shakes. Someone who is country strong will not be chiseled or have defined muscles and is neither obese nor sinewy.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers offensive line, Bluto from Popeye and the bouncers from the movie Roadhouse are all country strong.
by A town Eths November 14, 2010
Country strong farm boys and girls. Very strong for their size. Strong from hard work on the farm. Functional fitness, good work ethic, not huge and muscle bound, but very strong.
City boy: can you help me lift this tire?
Farm boy: here, I'll just carry them both.
City boy: dang you are strong!
Farm boy: yep, I'm country strong I guess.
by Grove Girl June 17, 2011
The ability to cope, mentally and physically, with the sexual abuse that occurs within families living in rural areas, those that profess to live the "country" lifestyle, or listen to country music.
Person 1 "Brad seems to be doing okay after that incident with his brother" Person 2 "Yeah, he's country strong. But I heard they had to put the horse down."
by Prof. Gonzo June 13, 2011
Not only looking and acting your best, but being on top of your game in any situation.
Gabby: Shawty, don't give in. Ya gotta stay country strong!

Lauren: I was NOT country strong last night.
by LBeazy February 17, 2011
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