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when a jewish person acts in such a way that you become obligated to stoop down to their level, thus acting jewish when not.
"She was being stingy jew, so i counterjewed her!"
by Counterjewer April 26, 2008
Pronunciation: \ˈkau̇n-tər-jü\
Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): counter jued; counter jew·ing
Etymology: Middle English jewen, jiuen
Date: 21th century
transitive verb

1. obsolete : to make petition to or for in a semitic fashion

2. a : the act of an antisemite responding in a semitic manor to counter act prexisiting jewish behavior

— ju·er noun

Antonym(s) : jewing, scamming, cheating
Due to the fact that my fellow office employees were attempting to turn a profit off of the donuts they brought in each morning. I counter jew·ed by stealing three donuts and not leaving a fucking cent.
by system override April 16, 2010
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