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Count Cockula, lord and ruler of the species fagotus vampirus was once the leader of the vampires named dracula until having sucked the dick of a monkey infected with aids, he must now survive by sucking blood from cocks. he is belived to be the last of his kind due to the all gay male population
Jakob- " the other day me and my bf were role playing, he was count cockula.. needless to say i needed stitches"
by Nuasair December 25, 2009
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When a a girl/guy is fucking another girl/guy and an accident occurs in the process of oral or penitration where an amount of blood eminates from said persons genitils/other body part.
"Did you hear what happened to (said chick)?!"
"Yeah I heard she was giving (said guy) a blowjob and his dick started to bleed!"
"Dude she's such a count cockula!"
by theshortbusrider June 25, 2009
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