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A normal Italian Stallion by day, who transforms into a vampire at the stroke of midnight. May suck up to 7 pints of blood in one night. Count Fankula is rumored to lurk the streets of Agawam and nearby towns at dusks searching for his next victims. If bitten by County, apply directly to the forehead, which is ice, which is what you need to apply, to your forehead, and also, maybe the general area of the bite, which is what you need to do, if you were bitten, you apply ice, to those areas, that i mentioned, there's two, which are areas,, which you need to apply ice to, if you were bitten, by the Count Fankula.
Used in a sentence: I think Count Fankula is a real vampire because I've seen him naked.
by Marcvp August 24, 2007
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