The Twilight interpretation of vampires that sparkle, that completely kill the look of vampies.
Edward Cullen ie: Count Fagula head of the Twilight vampires
by bosoxfan1990 May 14, 2010
Top Definition
One of those annoying, spitty mouthed teenaged wannabe vampyre (vampire) kids who shop at hot topic, jet their hair and read stupid ass books like Twilight. Basically, a cross between an emo and a WANNABE goth. Usually buy a guitar and don't even play the damn thing or get a skateboard and don't even learn how to skate on it.
Fagula: I am so dark. My clothes reflect the colour of my soul... which is black.
Dude: Wank off, Count Fagula.
by Miilo November 19, 2008
The name for someone who wears black clothes, cross ornaments, lipstick, fake teeth, and describes themselves as vampires; most likely homosexuals.
Jim:I just bought this outfit from Hot Topic!
Joe: Nice work Count Fagula.
by Pills(TM) November 26, 2008
A man that only comes out at night and instead of sucking blood out of necks like Count Dracula he sucks jizz out of dicks like Ricky Martin.
Man what happened to Mikey I haven't seen him in weeks? Oh He got bit by a fag bat he's a Count Fagula now.
by Johnny Motherfuckin P June 04, 2010
A person who dresses in the vamp fad. Derogatory.
"Look at all those little Count Fagula 5th graders"
"They just look emo to me"
by oRANGuTANG3ooo September 04, 2009
Anyone who ever said they were a vampire. Known to eat heads, and be EXTRA-EMELY gay!!!
Guy 1: Count Fagula is coming!!!!


John Mc-fagget the vampire: shut up.

Guy 1 and 2: OOOH!
by White Brown March 11, 2010
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