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The Twilight interpretation of vampires that sparkle, that completely kill the look of vampies.
Edward Cullen ie: Count Fagula head of the Twilight vampires
by bosoxfan1990 May 14, 2010
A competition in which a man does not shave his beard of cut his hair for 1 year. During said year people who dared the man to enter the contest, provokes him to shave his beard and thus losing the competition.
Seth Rogen's friend in the Movie Knocked Up, dared him to enter A Dirty Man Competition by convincing him if he succeeds his roommates would pay his rent, if he fails which he did he would have to pay everyones rent
by bosoxfan1990 June 25, 2010
While slow dancing or hugging someone your hands are positioned at their shoulders.
Guy: Hey do you want to dance??
Girl: Ok but keep your hands at 10 and 2
by bosoxfan1990 July 03, 2010
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