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Coulro sapiens – Humans who have distinct pigmentation defeats. Also know as clown humans due to the make up like features of the skin.

The prefix "coulro-" comes from the Ancient Greek “one who goes on stilts”, “Sapiens”, a Latin word meaning wise, or human.

Coulro sapiens stand out in a crowd.
At first glance most people are alarmed at the presence of the facial blotch exhitibited by Coulro sapiens.

Considered a Genetic illness
Mutations of mitochondrial DNA can lead to a number of illnesses including exercise intolerance and Kearns-Sayre syndrome (KSS), which causes a person to lose full function of heart, eye, and muscle movements. (See also Mitochondrial disease.)

The hue of human skin and hair is determined by the presence of pigments called melanins. Coulro sapiens are indentified by their large mutated blotches of pigments about the face and body.

Also thought to be a curse originated in Eastern Europe around the year 1777.
I hate/love Coulro sapiens (clowns)!
by Cirus July 01, 2010
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