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When someone coughs and lets out a fart either accidentally or strategically at the same time.

When someone serendipitously farts while coughing and the cough masks the sound of the fart.

When someone coughs to hide a fart with devious intent.
As I was laying in bed I coughed and farted at the same time, then I asked my boyfriend what he'd just heard. He said "I just heard you cough." I smiled and told him to take a deep breath and that I just laid a cough fart.
by SweetpeainSF December 02, 2010
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Something that sexy brunettes do when they cough do to large amounts of gas that they have. Usually people named B.S. have excess gas and create really smell farts when they cough. It makes colds very difficulter for the coughfarters as well as the people around them.
Oh my god. Did you know that Blair coughfarted like a million times in Whistler?
by ilovech February 19, 2009
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